Ramadan's last ashra is so important

Ten days / ten nights from the twenty-first day to the thirty-fifth day is called the last Ashara (last period) of the month of Ramadan. Since it was in the last Ashera that Lailatul Qadr / Shebe-Qadr (the special night of the honorable night in which Allah i.e. God is remembered all night) and the night of which is considered to be the night of virtue. For more information, you can consult muslim expert in black magic.

Because from the Shabe-kadra comes the divine scripture and the divine voice i.e. the beginning or descent of the Holy Qur’an), it is also known as Ashra (period of liberation from hell) from Dzakh. The ‘Rosa’ placed in the Sharai manner (in conformity with the religious code of conduct) gives relief (liberation) from the dojkh (hell).

Irshad (order) to the Prophet-Islam Hazrat Mohammad in the sixty-fourth verse of Surah Unam of the seventh pare (chapter-7) of the Qur’an-Pak – ‘You say that Allah only gives you away from them.’ It is necessary to know here that Murad from ‘Aap’ is from Hazrat Mohammed and from ‘Tumko’ means poor people. In month of Ramadan people have to recite dua e manzil to resolve difficulties of life.

This means that Allah gives people freedom from every rump and sorrow (hell). The question arises that what is the way and way to reach Allah (God) and attain Nijat (liberation)? The answer is that fasting with patience (restraint) and Sadaqat (truth) is the way and the way to reach Allah and get rid of hell.

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