muslim love marriage

According to a survey, around 75% of Indians opt for arranged marriages. Needless to say, it is safe to conclude that arranged marriages are deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of our country. Love marriages are becoming quite popular in India because of modern lifestyle and advancement in technology. The strongest opposition to love marriages comes from the parents of the couples.

Here are the reasons why parents are against to do love marriage:

  • Excessive care: Parents are concerned that their child may fall for the wrong person and end up demolishing his/her life.
  • Worried about society: Parents are concerned about people in the community and society. They are worried that what they will think about their family. If you are also facing issues in life then avail wazifa for marriage.
  • Inter-caste marriage: The caste system is fixed in the minds of the parents; that’s why they oppose love marriage. Especially if the girl/boy is from a different caste background.
  • Worried about their reputation: Some parents refuse to accept the partner because of a lack of good looks, family background, and professional standing. These things matter a lot to some of the parents as these enhance the overall reputation of their family.
  • General perception: This is a general opinion among parents that love marriages do not last long and eventually end in heartbreak. Due to this many parents discourage love marriages.

If you are in a relationship with anyone and now you decided to do marriage. Then you should disclose this relationship to your parents. If you are facing problems in convincing them for doing love marriage then you can consult our specialist in black magic. He will help you out to deal with the particular problem.

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